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ZimiZuis a luxury child car seat and stroller system

Patented new impact technology creates the safest, lightest and most user-friendly safety seat on the market

ZimiZu is the SAFEST SEAT

30 mph to 0 mph Front Impact

Required U. S. Government Test FMVSS 213

“The Best Car Seats of 2017”, Baby Gear Lab, https://www.babygearlab.com/topics/vehicle-safety/best- car-seats, April 13, 2017, chart amended to show ZimiZu™ data.



ZimiZu™  Protection for Little Ones

35 to 0 mph Frontal Impact

Chance of Serious Injury

SIDE Impact is even more harmful than front impact

The neck is weaker in side impact

Not one competitor offers meaningful side impact safety

The ZimiZu™ Safety System surpasses even the proposed government side impact test with astounding results.

Side Impact Head Injury Criterion 

    560                                                                                    210     





ZimiZu is the



 Aerospace technology   Comfy-space safety 

Patented ZimiZu™ suspension system isolates the carbon fiber outershell from the carbon fiber inner seat. 


ZimiZu™ exceeded the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard in its very first crash-test.


This result was unprecedented


Multiple additional crash-tests have verified the accuracy of our state of the art computer simulations.

Our cycle of simulations and design improvements allow us to make the system progressively SAFER.

And, ZimiZu™ side impact protection is another game changing innovation displaying next-generation performance.


Did we mention Patents?

Many patents already issued and more pending

not a stock photo, these are our documents

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 ZimiZu grows with your child 

 ZimiZu has limitless style potential



Pidyon is a technology company. We have been focused on safety products since our beginning. Much of the team comes from the aerospace and defense industries and consumer product design where they have dealt with safety issues on an ongoing basis. 


Pidyon’s leadership team brings together an uncommon level of excellence and expertise. Each team member has held leadership positions in prior companies. Three of the five current members have had invaluable start-up experience and operated other businesses. Across the team, there is both small business and Fortune 100 business experience.


Yochi Cohen

Founder & CEO 

Founder and previous owner of a $28M defense products company that successfully developed multiple safety products from concept, through product development, certification, manufacturing, marketing and sale to various government agencies and business to business.



Ahmet Becene Ph.D

Chief Technology Officer

An expert in crash and stress simulations from the Aerospace industry. Ahmet is the brains behind the computer simulations that are essential for the development and optimization of Zimizu™, in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Katarina Kravchenko

Director of Design & Compliance

Industrial designer and a graduate of the NHTSA’s National Standardized Child Passenger Safety Training Program; responsible for product engineering concepts and improvements, leading to a safer, more functional designs. As a new mom, she offers key insights to user issues, which are translated rapidly to design upgrades.

Peter Byar B.Sc. BSID

VP of Product & Design

An award winning industrial designer; directs our design processes, product development and management, ergonomics, user interface, design concepts, mock-ups/design refinement, documentation, prototyping and vendor interface.

David P Gordon

VP IP, Licensing and Development

Board of Directors 

Attorney specializing in intellectual property litigation, patentability, licensing, trademarks, copyrights, and unfair trade practice both in the U.S. and internationally. David represents stock exchange companies, including an S&P 100 component Fortune 500 company.  He has successfully worked with multiple companies in the medical apparatus and telecom fields from startup through to their successful listings on stock exchanges or acquisition by larger companies

Yaacov Goland

SVP Engineering Strategy

Chief Engineer and Mission Assurance Executive for Boeing Strategic Missiles & Defense Systems (Ret.)
M.Sc. Me (Mechanical Engineering); Caltech (California Institute of Technology) B.Sc. Aeronautical Engineering; Israel Institute of Technology. Registered Professional Engineer ME - State of California. Member American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

Steve Duke


MBA: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
MSME: University of Vermont
BSME: Rochester Institute Of Technology
General Manager General Dynamics ATP Business Unit
Senior Director General Dynamics ATP Business Unit

Ajit Sane Ph.D

Materials Scientist

Ph.D. & M.S. - Materials Science & Engineering, Case Western Reserve University (1979)
Experience: 35+ years of experience in product/process development of advanced materials: Composites, Ceramics, Metals & Polymers
Product Development for Industries: Defense, Semiconductors, Chemical, Metallurgical and Medical (External) - Braces, Helmets

Barbara J. Cooperman 

Board Member 

Accomplished Global Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) with 30+ years executive operating experience in B2C and B2B 

companies up to $4.5 billion in revenue. General management background with direct P&L responsibility up to $200 

million and enterprise-wide P&L oversight as member of executive committees. Proven track record across diverse 

industries including consumer goods, retail, and professional services such as cyber security, risk consulting, AI and data-driven technology. Substantial experience with M&A. Expert in enterprise-level branding and positioning, digital transformation, reputation management, customer insight, and corporate social responsibility. Extensive governance experience as director on non-profit and corporate executive leadership boards. NACD Governance Fellow.

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